HAWKEN Promo Codes 2022

HAWKEN is the Free-to-play multi-player war and combat type video game which is developed by K2 network and Adhesive Games. It was released in December 2012 by  Meteor Entertainment and currently available for Microsoft Windows platform. It is the reputed game amount the gamers all around the world and winner of 10 E3 awards.

Top rated HAWKEN Promotional Codes

NEWRECRUIT – Use it for 3 days XP boost. Valid once per account.

LOADEDASSAULT – Receive Assault Mech which is fully loaded.

PLAYIT_HAWKEN – Gives you 2K HP.

MACHINIMECH – Copy and paste the code in your dashboard to get $6 worth of points in your gaming store.

HAWKENPAXEAST – Apply it to get 15K worth of gaming goodies for FREE. Valid against minimum order of $200.

GAMESTAR_HAWKEN – Wow! For a limited time only receive 10,000 HC for FREE.

G3RM3N – Apply the code given here to get 5% off the retail price.

HAWKEN is the first person shooting and war game where you can choose to play from different type of battle ground to attack your enemy. It is multiplayer game, so you can play that with your friends and peer and compete with them. Currently five different gaming modes are available which are Team Deathmatch, Co-Op Bot, Khang Le has, DeathMatch. You can choose from thee different mech types such as light, heavy and all around type.

If you choose to play in Seige and Coop mode then you will have to collect Energy Units (EU) from power stations and dropped orbs. If you find any destroyed mech having EU then you can collect that as well. Base amount of EU that mech can carry vary by different modes. You can earn such EU for FREE using the bonus codes given here.

Steps to use HAWKEN Coupon Codes:

Before giving you steps, let me tell you more usage of such promotional offers. Once you join the game you will see certain gaming stuff and currency that you can buy by spending real money. Such gaming stuffs are HP, Gold, Coins, EU, Mech, XP Boost etc. You can get that for FREE or cheap by using the discount codes given here, please follow the steps given here for more details.

Sign in to your gaming account. Now copy your choice of voucher code from our page. In your account at Top right corner, you will see the field “Redeem Code”, Just apply the code that you copied from our page to get associated gaming item for FREE or at discounted price.

If you don’t want to spend real money but still want HP, Mech and XP Boost then you should use Cheat Codes. This is the trick that you have to apply during the gameplay to boost your levels without any purchase. It can be valid once per account, so use it carefully.

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